Heat and electricity for dairies are usually supplied with electricity from a public energy supplier while using local steam generators that are fuelled with natural gas. Innovative facilities already make use of combined heat and power generation, but usually by burning fossil fuels.

SUSMILK will “re-design” the general areas of processing by considering:

  • heating and cooling technologies
  • pre-concentration of whole raw milk
  • closing loops in terms of waste treatment/recycling

Supply of heat and electricity can be carried out by cogeneration, heat pumps, solar heat, and biogas produced on-site or other renewable fuels (from dairy wastes). Cooling will be supplied by a new absorption chiller that uses solar or waste heat. The implementation of these adapted technologies for dairies will significantly reduce the use of steam as heat transfer medium. The transfer media hot water and ice water will not change the central processes (e.g. fermentation or separation) that convert raw materials or intermediate products.


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